The Desolation of Exile:
A Russian Family's Odyssey

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Simbirsk photos

Photos of the Ukhtomsky and Nazariev family date back to the late 1800s. Below are selected photos. Some of the people remain unidentified. Photos are mostly dated based on the ages of those photographed. A very few photos in the Ukhtomsky family archives do have dates written on the back.

At left: Valerian Nazariev circa 1890. At right, Anna Valerianovna Ukhtomsky (nee Nazarieva) circa 1900.

Knyaz Alexander Nikolayevich Ukhtomsky circa 1900 and 1920.

Nikolay Alexandrovich Ukhtomsky circa 1896 and 1898.

Natalia, Nikolay and Maria Ukhtomsky circa 1900. The baby might be Alexandra (from available information, it appears that Alexandra died in childhood some time after 1905 and prior to 1911).

Natalia Ukhtomsky (at right) with unidentified child.

Unidentified children.

The lower image is the back of the above photograph (1901 or 1902), listing some of the children. Natasha, Marie (Maria) and Kolya (Nikolay) are in the center from right to left. The other two children are unknown though the top name (partially obscured) would probably refer to the young girl at far right.

Gertruda Nazarieva (at front) circa 1910 with unidentified younger woman and children (possibly daughter Yelena Stakelberg's children). This might be on the porch of the Nazariev home in Novoye Nikulino.

A friend of the family, Kolya Khozialov, gave this photo to Natalia Ukhtomsky in 1913 prior to her depature on a trip abroad.  In the poem he wrote on the back of the photo, he says she will see cliffs and mountains during her travels.

At left, Maria and Natalia Ukhtomsky with a relative. This is probably in the yard of Ukhtomsky house on Vvedensky pereulok in Simbirsk. At right, Maria and Nikolay Ukhtomsky circa 1910.

Group of young men from Simbirsk. Second from right: Georgy Koltunovsky, Maria Ukhtomsky's future husband. This is probably 1908-1910.

Maria Ukhtomsky signed this photo given to a "Lyalya" (Yelena).
The photographs below are taken in 1918 or after. They may be in Simbirsk but some may be in Krasnoyarsk, where the Ukhtomsky lived from October 1918 to December 1919.


Natalia Alexandrovna is behind the  samovar. Unidentified woman and girl and Maria Alexandrovna. Location unknown, year unknown but probably 1918.

Unknown locations.

Unknown location.

Unknown location.

Natalia and Maria Alexandrovna with a young woman who appears in a number of family photos so she is either a close friend or a relative. Probably 1918.

Natalia Alexandrovna is standing at left, Maria is one of the women seated and Anna Valerianovna is seated at right. The other two women are unidentified. Location unknown. This photograph and others like it were with a postcards depicting a park and other locations in Krasnoyarsk so it is possible that this is also Krasnoyarsk which would make it 1919.

Unidentified people, unknown location or time.  This was not part of the family photograph collection but was with other Ukhtomsky documents and photos.
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